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Diego Dalla Palma Straightening Cream by for Unisex

Diego Dalla Palma Straightening Cream by for Unisex

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Product indicated to make hair ultra-smooth and compact.

How to use
Apply to towel-dried hair starting from lengths to ends.
Proceed with the fold.
Special hair dryer and straightener.

• Thermo-protective agents: based on panthenol and keratin amino acids which are activated with heat and create a special "chemoprotective" film on the hair subjected to the heat of the hair dryer or straightener. They prevent drying and flaking of the hair fibred, and make styling more manageable, for bright and soft hair.
• Thermo-restructuring agents: perform a specific action against the attack of free radicals, ultraviolet radiation and other environmental stress. They penetrate the hair fibred, restructuring it and making it soft and hydrated.
• Argan oil: beauty elixir for skin and hair. Gives protection and nourishment to the hair making it elastic and shiny without weighing it down. Excellent for contrasting split ends and revitalizing dry and brittle hair. Not greasy.
• Passion flower oil: rich in linoleic acid and omega 6 fatty acids with a repairing and nourishing action for soft and shiny hair.
It does not contain:
• dyes: to enhance the natural color of the hair;
• parabens: preservatives that could create irritation phenomena;
• triclosan: aggressive preservative often causes irritant reactions;
• phthalates: plasticizing substances which can be harmful to human health.
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