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Diego Dalla Palma Ultrabombato volume spray flacon

Diego Dalla Palma Ultrabombato volume spray flacon

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Volume spray for full-bodied and vital hair.

An elegant style that refers to the 60s, structured and full of full volumes, romantic and feminine, excellent every day, perfect on important evenings.



  • modeling film-forming agents: create a modeling microfilm with calibrated fixing on the surface of the hair fiber, to give the hairstyle a hold
  • flexible and natural movement. They wrap the hair fiber from roots to ends with a visible volume effect and protect the style from humidity.
  • kino di Malabar: (kino tree) stimulates microcirculation and protects the elasticity of the scalp, counteracting the "glycation" process operated by sugars deriving from an unbalanced diet and protecting the health of the hair bulb for healthier and more vital hair.
  • multi-active trace elements: micro-nutrients in highly bio-available form based on silicon, zinc, magnesium, copper and iron, to reinforce the structure of the hair fiber and make it resistant and voluminous.
  • litchee: protects the hair from the action of free radicals produced by ultraviolet radiation (sun, UV lamps), counteracting the deterioration of the keratin of the fiber
  • capillary. An ideal ally to preserve the integrity and brightness of the hair.


  • preservatives: to preserve the delicacy of the product.
  • dyes: to enhance the natural color of the hair.
  • parabens: preservatives that could create irritation phenomena.
  • propellant gases: often irritating to the scalp and harmful to the environment.



Spray from root to tip on towel-dried hair. Also to be used on dry hair to reinvigorate and give vitality and freshness to the style.


HOW YOU WANT THEM , volumized, airy, light and fragrant


Enriched with kino tree extract. It stimulates micro circulation and protects the health of the hair bulb, for a natural style with a volume effect.



Spray washed and towel-dried hair directly on the roots, massage the scalp with circular movements and dry upside down to obtain greater volume.

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