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Stethoscope Lightweight II S.E

Stethoscope Lightweight II S.E

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Sensitive Chest Piece for Monitoring Amplified Heart & Lung Sounds - Lightweight Design, Flexible Stethoscope Tubing

Premium Quality - Get more value for your money. The stethoscope kit includes a stethoscope with 32" tubing, extra stethoscope ear pieces, and a non-chill ring. The stethoscope comes in 5 colors. Excellent Auscultatory Performance - With its ultra sensitive dual-head chest piece, this stethoscope amplifies lung and heart frequencies, which can help physicians detect abnormalities easily. Flexible Movement - At just 1.3lbs, this stethoscope is lightweight and enables flexibility and movement. The long PVC tubing lets you maneuver with ease and comfort even when checking fussy patients. Versatile & Reliable - This premium quality stethoscope is ideal for a wide range of non-critical care use in ambulatory clinics, medical outreaches, classes, general wards, and corporate clinics. Purchase With Confidence - With its stainless steel design and finish, this classic stethoscope is durable and designed to support your daily medical practice. It's backed by a 5-year warranty. Does your stethoscope work for you or against you? The stethoscope is an essential part of any physician's medical kit. Whether you're providing outpatient care or participating in mobile clinics that serve rural communities, you need a stethoscope that you can rely on. When you buy a stethoscope, you are not just buying a diagnostic tool, you are making an investment for your career and the wellness of your patients. We've got something you should consider adding to your kit. The Classic Stethoscope is designed to help make your medical work more precise and efficient. This premium stethoscope will help you assess a wide range of patient cases and diagnostic scenarios. The chest-piece provides exceptional acoustic performance, helps you identify irregularities in the sound of the heart or lungs. The chest-piece is covered in a soft non-chill ring so it doesn't feel uncomfortable on your patient's skin. Made of lightweight stainless steel and PVC tubing, this stethoscope is gentle and smooth. Whether you drape it around your neck or store it in your pocket, you won't feel weighed down even after long shifts. The ear tips fit snugly and are comfortable to wear. Stay prepared and confident in any emergency. This stethoscope set comes with an extra pair of ear tips and 1 extra non-chill ring, so you always have a spare. Replacing the non-chill ring is fast and easy, just slightly stretch the ring and slide it over the bell side of the chest-piece. More reasons to love this stethoscope: - Compact size: 13x6.5x2” - Available in 5 colors: Black, Cherry Red, Navy Blue, Purple, Red Wine - Made in Canada Invest in an expertly made diagnostic tool for your healthcare practice

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