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  • Stop Brushing Battle Getting young kids to brush their teeth every day can be a constant battle for many parents, The kids electric toothbrushes are designed as cute , making them much attractive to children which greatly solve the problem.
  • Multi-function mode The kids electric toothbrush has 6 ultrasonic cleaning modes, which can effectively remove tooth stains, help massage children's gums, and promote dental health, Every time you brush your teeth for 59 seconds, it will stop automatically, Parents do not need to urge their children to brush their teeth in person.
  • IPX7 WATERPROOF : Our Sonic Toothbrush for Kids features an all-round waterproof seal design and IPX7 deep waterproof, so it can be used safely even in the shower without worrying about damage, The anti-drop silicone body makes it comfortable for children to hold, and it is not easy to break or break.
  • U-shape + Bristles Brush Heads U-shape brush head soft bristle toothbrush which is made out of food grade silicone, can wrap the teeth 360 °for comprehensive massaging toddlers' gum, unique designed for kids tender gums and sensitive teeth, Come with replacement soft bristles heads to make cleaning teeth easier.
  • Protection of teeth and gums: Our toothbrush is a special brush head for children, The material is sharpened and soft silk, The high-density implantation can effectively clean the interdental stains and protect the children's gums, And the top of the toothbrush head is sharpened to reduce the damage to the teeth during vibration.


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