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Baseball & Soccer Game 2 in 1 Table Desktop & Travel

Baseball & Soccer Game 2 in 1 Table Desktop & Travel

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This Reversible 2-in-1 Tabletop Game features a baseball field on one side and a soccer field on the other. The rapid-fire play makes these perfect to test your skill against friends and family. To play each game, pull back on the tension cord to aim, and fire the sliding puck. The first player to clear all of their picks from their side wins. Create your own bonus rules to make the game even more challenging! Ideal for any tabletop or flat surface. Play with family and friends in a tournament of champions. Each side features a printed board, tension cords, goal baskets, and scorekeeper. Measures 16"x9"x2.25". Comes packaged inside a high-quality color box. Intended for persons over 13 years of age.

Available in a pack of 6

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2 IN 1 Table Game (Baseball & Soccer) (Available in a pack of 6)

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