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Diego Dalla Palma Lotion Enlightening Vitamin C

Diego Dalla Palma Lotion Enlightening Vitamin C

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About this item

  • QUEEN OF VITAMINS. The infusion of Vitamin C in this face mask gives energy and strength against the attacks of UV rays and pollution
  • RADIANT, YOUTHFUL COMPLEXION. The fresh, smoothing formula of our lotion helps fight sagging skin and reduce the look of wrinkles and fine lines. It protects the youthfulness of the skin, perfect to tackle the harmful effects of time
  • QUENCH DRY SKIN. Get tailor-made hydration from our moisturizing face mask to relieve tired, tight skin. It locks in moisture for deep hydration, which helps keep your skin from sagging or flaking.
  • EXCELLENT QUALITY AND PROFESSIONAL RESULTS. Designed and tested in the laboratory, this iconic brand's products have created an all-round beauty reality renowned for high professionalism and performance
  • LUXURY MADE IN ITALY. Diego Dalla Palma is a historic Italian brand known for its expertise in make-up, skincare and haircare. All products contain made-in-Italy excellence
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