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Diego Dalla Palma Smalto Unghie Nail Polish 216

Diego Dalla Palma Smalto Unghie Nail Polish 216

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Intense color and maximum coverage, super bright and long-lasting effect. The new formula, combined with the maxi brush, guarantees a smooth, smudge-proof application



Perfect nails and full colors from the first coat.



  • Active hardeners: prolong the hold of the enamel and strengthen the nails.
  • Plasticizing resins: vinyl effect.
  • "5 free" formulation: not containing formaldehyde and or its resins, toluene, camphor, phthalates.



Choose the color according to the shape of your nails: if they have a large matrix, you can make them look more tapered by using dark colors; on the contrary, if they are narrow, it is more suitable to use light and bright colors.
Before applying the chosen nail polish, perfectly remove the previous one;
Always first apply a transparent base coat - hardener or smoothing-filler - to prevent the nails from yellowing, to make them more resistant and to even out the surface.
When the base is dry, start applying the polish on your nails like this: one stroke in the center, one on the right and one on the left.
Leave about a millimeter of white on the sides, it will make the nail appear more tapered.
Be careful to pick up the right amount of nail polish with the brush: taking too much can create air bubbles, while too little can cause unpleasant streaks.
Let it dry and, if necessary, proceed with a second pass.
At this point all that remains is to apply the anti-dripping gloss top coat, to make your nails shinier and make the nail polish last longer. Be careful not to pass it over the same spot several times to prevent it from taking away part of the underlying color.
Match the color of the nails to that of the make-up or the outfit: better eccentric looks for free time and the more classic ones for formal and work situations.

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