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Diego Dalla Palma Vitamin C - Radiance Cream

Diego Dalla Palma Vitamin C - Radiance Cream

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Multi-active cream treatment, ideal for all skin types. It prevents and reduces the signs of aging (wrinkles, dehydration and dark spots), restoring a radiant and even complexion to the face. With new generation stabilized vitamin C, it counteracts the gray and dull complexion caused by stress and an unbalanced lifestyle and makes the skin smoother and more toned.

With its strengthening and protective action, it defends the skin from external agents and atmospheric pollution, giving a feeling of greater purity and deep radiance.



  • Ideal for all skin types, thanks to its multi-active action.
  • Young skin: prevents signs of aging, dehydration, gray skin, uneven complexion, spots from post acne scars.
  • Skin with coupe rosé or easily reddening: strengthens the resistance of blood capillaries and reduces the tendency to redness.
  • Mature skin: reduces the signs of aging and the presence of wrinkles, brown spots and skin discolorations of various origins (from acne, senile, post inflammatory).


TEXTURE Special reflective texture immediately gives a brighter and more vital aspect.


PLUS Long-acting stabilized Vitamin C: more stable over time and against external agents; gentler on the skin.



A fragrance that is both fresh and delicate, which leaves a persistent sensation of clean and radiant skin. A light and sparkling welcome of citrus notes, it is wrapped in a delicate caress of white flowers and the candid purity of amber and white musks.



Every day, morning and evening. on cleansed and toned skin, apply the product with a light massage from the center of the face towards the contours, avoiding contact with the eyes. Then continue on the neck, starting from the chin to go down towards the décolleté. For enhanced action and faster and more visible results use - before the cream - Radiance serum illuminating serum with vitamin c.


RESULTS Smoother wrinkles, more toned skin, more even complexion.



  • Paraffin
  • Mineral oils
  • Propylene glycol


  • Stabilized Vitamin C: with powerful multi-active action, against gray skin, uneven complexion, wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing and smoothing, fills fine wrinkles.
  • Reflex technology: based on reflective powders, it gives the skin an immediately more radiant appearance.


CONTENTS Jar 50 ml

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