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Magic Simple Magic for Kids

Magic Simple Magic for Kids

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Children will love discovering the secrets of the world's best illusionists with the exciting and educational, Young Magician Miraculous Trick Magic Set. A detailed and illustrated instruction booklet comes with this kit to teach the secrets and techniques of performing simple but amazing feats of slight of hand. As they learn the 100 individual tricks, children's abilities and self-confidence will grow. Once they've mastered several of the classics, they can perform some of the routines outlined in the instruction book. As they get really proficient, they can develop their own original routines. Some of the classic illusions they will learn from this kid's magic set include the shell game, card tricks, the disappearing ball trick and many more. Lots of cool accessories come with this kit. It has cards, Zig Zag Pencil, X Ray vision, The spiked Coin, The coin Paddle and instruction Booklet.

! WARNING CHOKING HAZARD SMALL PART Not for children under 5 years 

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